Creedite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Probably fewer than a dozen creedite gems have ever been faceted. This rare mineral is rarer still as a cuttable crystal.

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Probably fewer than a dozen creedite gems have ever been faceted. This rare mineral is rarer still as a cuttable crystal.

Creedite: Chihuahua, Mexico (0.96). Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission.

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Creedite Value

creedite crystal - Chihuahua, Mexico
Amethystine colored creedites, West Camp, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico, 4.3 x 3.2 x 2.7 cm. © Rob Lavinsky, Used with permission.

What Colors are Creedite Gemstones?

Transparent colorless, white, rose, and purple material from Chihuahua, Mexico has yielded rare facetable creedites. In recent decades, new sources have produced more material in more colors, such as orange.

creedite - Durango, Mexico.
Orange creedites, Abasolo Mine, Navidad, Durango, Mexico, 5.1 x 4.4 x 4.0 cm. © Rob Lavinsky, Used with permission.

Do Creedites Make Good Jewelry Stones?

You're more likely to find creedite gems in a mineral collection, if at all, than a jewelry collection. With perfect cleavage and a low hardness of 4, creedites wouldn't make durable jewelry stones. A sensitivity to acid makes it inadvisable to wear or handle these gems for long periods. Creedites are strictly collector's gemstones for display only.

Are There Synthetic Creedites?

There are no known synthetic creedites or enhancements for these gems.

Where is Creedite Found?

The classic source for gemmy material, Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico produces crystals up to 1 inch long.

Durango, Mexico has produced stunning, bright orange crystals.

Other notable sources include:

  • United States: Darwin, California; Creede, Colorado (in cavities in rock with fluorite and barite); Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado (in a fluorite-barite mine); Granite, Nevada.
  • Colquiri, Bolivia; China (colorless); Kazakhstan (purple).
creedite - Kazakhstan
Purple creedites, Akchatau Mine, Karaganda Oblast, Kazakhstan, 3.2 x 2.3 x 1.9 cm. © Rob Lavinsky, Used with permission.

Stone Sizes

Any faceted gems are very small, usually less than 1-2 carats.

  • Private Collection: 0.96 (purple, Chihuahua).

Caring for Your Creedites

Clean these gemstones only with a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water. See our gemstone jewelry care guide for cleaning recommendations.

credits - China
Radiating cluster of transparent creedite crystals on matrix, Quinglong Co. Guizhou, China. Photo courtesy of and Jasper52.

Joel E. Arem, Ph.D., FGA

Dr. Joel E. Arem has more than 60 years of experience in the world of gems and minerals. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Mineralogy from Harvard University, he has published numerous books that are still among the most widely used references and guidebooks on crystals, gems and minerals in the world.

Co-founder and President of numerous organizations, Dr. Arem has enjoyed a lifelong career in mineralogy and gemology. He has been a Smithsonian scientist and Curator, a consultant to many well-known companies and institutions, and a prolific author and speaker. Although his main activities have been as a gem cutter and dealer, his focus has always been education.

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