Quartz (Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, Smokey, Rose)

Cut Corner Crazy Tri (MC8.JRG)Rhodolite cut by tony Carson
By Jeff R. Graham
Copyright 1998
80.7% Light Return
Angles for R.I. = 1.54
24 facets + 6 facets on girdle = 30
3-fold symmetry
96 index
L/W = 1.155 P/W = 0.453 C/W = 0.190
H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.663
P/H = 0.683 C/H = 0.287
Vol./W^3 = 0.188
Addition # 4Note: As the size gets larger a table is a good idea, cut to meet C3,C4. This is another earring stone, it has cut corners so that jewelers can set it easy. It is good in about any Quartz. It cuts fast and has a low amount of facets. I like it in 6-10mm sizes, also works in Tourmaline and Topaz.




Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler