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Gram Prince by Jeff R. Graham


Gram Prince in yellow Scapolite

Gram Prince – Cutting Remarks

Shown at left is a 9.6 x 11.5 mm x 8.1mm deep ~ 5.95 carat “Gram Prince” cut from top Tanzanian Scapolite by Jeff Graham.

This is nice in Quartz also (70% or so), just add two (2) degrees to all of the pavilion tiers, no changes on the crown. This is not hard to cut, but the pavilion tiers and meets cut pretty fast. I find it easier to cut the L/W=1.25 and then cut in P5 and P6 (they will not quite center point, P7 and P8 do…), then cut in the breaks.

Note: You will need to change the mast height for C1 at the long and short ends depending on how you cut.

I had a lot of people ask me for a rectangle “Princess” type cut. It took a while to get one that I thought was worth cutting to match my “Gram Princess”. This cut is very bright and surprisingly nice for being as simple as it looks. I like it in almost any medium to light colored martial. Notice that this is fairly deep… If your L/W is slightly different the pavilion can be tweaked to make the meets without much trouble (in case you are trying to fit a piece of rough, and do not want to waste any).

I have never seen a rectangle “Princess” type cut that was designed for colored stones… Or one of any kind for that matter, but there surely is one or two floating around out there some where. Again I used the name “Gram” to try and distinguish mine from others that might be out there. This one is obviously inspired by the square “Princess” that is so well known in the diamond trade. Every jeweler that I have showed it to has asked me to cut a stone for them in this design. This is really a “Money Cut” because of the low number of facets and the flexibility of the design.

Enjoy cutting your “Gram Prince”… Drop me an email to let me know your results and what you’ve cut, or feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need some help regarding this design.

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler

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