All animal lovers have lost a friend at one time or another. Jeff Graham was asked to design a gem in memory of a dog named Pansy. So, he named this design “Memory.”
By Jeff R. Graham 2 minute read
Memory gem design by Jeff Graham

Memory gem design by Jeff Graham. © 2003.

You can find cutting instructions for Memory here.

Cutting Remarks

An intermediate-level design, Memory works best in stones 10 mm or larger, with pale to light colors. Cut in refractive indices (RI) 1.54 to 2.14 (92.1%) with no changes.

Although this design can be more difficult than it looks, it’s also fun and quite unique. Cut the intermediate facets to centerpoint. They won’t all cut to the girdle. Just the corners, cut all the way out to the points on the girdle.

Memory, 5.98 cts, 11 x 7.9 mm, cut from a flawless Nigerian paraíba tourmaline by Jeff Graham.

A Few Friends

Here are a few dogs we’ve trained. Some we had to give up, some are in training.

Cindy - memory gem design



This cute little black lab is named Cindy. She was a puppy in training for guide dogs. Currently, she’s being evaluated to become a search-and-rescue dog or something else, like maybe just a pet. (They call it career changed).





Jill - Memory gem designThis gold lab named Jill graduated and was selected to be a guide dog breeder. A breeder is the absolute best that a dog can do in the training and selection process. The dog has to be perfect in all respects to become a breeder.




Beanie - Memory gem designThis cute little girl is named Verbeana. We call her “Beanie” when she isn’t working. Beanie is Jill’s daughter, from her first litter. She’s in training to be a guide dog like her mother. I took this picture when she was 5 months old. I was working in my orchard (apple, peach, orange, and lemon). 

Beanie loves to be outside and “thinks” she’s a big help. She loves to carry the “sticks” around the yard as I do the spring pruning. Like all labs, she tends to carry sticks, then chew them, but chasing a bug or some other insect is almost as much fun. Being both a puppy and a lab, she doesn’t have much coordination and tends to crash into things.

Enjoy cutting your own Memory gem design.

Memory gem design - array

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler