Jeff Graham’s Rose Heart gem design has a lot of steps but not many facets. It’s fast and easy to cut and works especially well with garnets.
By Jeff R. Graham 1 minute read
Rose Heart gem design by Jeff Graham © 1999.

Rose Heart gem design by Jeff Graham © 1999.

You can find cutting instructions for the Rose Heart here.

A Heart Design for Garnets

If you’ve cut my SweetHeart gem design, then my Rose Heart should look familiar. It cuts pretty much the same way, just maybe a little more complicated. This design performs well with most garnet material. I like it particularly in rose-colored malaya garnets. It also works well in stones 1 carat and up in size.

Rose Heart - malaya garnet

Rose Heart, about 4.45 cts, 10.5 x 10mm, rose malaya garnet, cut by Jeff Graham.

Cutting Remarks

It’s important to cut P8(G) and P9(G) together as you come around the girdle. I left them in the pavilion order because they’re different angles. However, when you get to the girdle, they’re the same (90°).

Depending on how close to center point you are (this is a non-symmetrical design because of the heart shape), you may need to cheat the P7 into the point a little. (It can be left as is, also with no problems). If the P7 changes, you may need to adjust the C7, so I designed them both to be easily adjustable. (Notice the meets).

Additional Cutting Advice for the Rose Heart

You might find the following cutting tips from Bob Collins useful:

  • Cut P4 and P7 at same elevation to locate centerpoint.
  • Cut P1, P2, P3, P5.
  • To calibrate width, cut 24 and 72 at 90°.
  • Cut P10 and P11. (Alternate to meet at plane established by cuts at 24 and 72).
  • Cut P8 32, 64; P9 37, 59; P8 39, 57.
  • Cut P6 to centerpoint.
  • Cut P12 – P16.
  • Touch-up P7 to reestablish centerpoint. (I had to reduce the angle by about 1°). P6 cuts into P7 enough to move it off centerpoint.

Enjoy cutting your own Rose Heart gem design.

Rose Heart - array

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler