Red/Brown Wax Dopping

I use red/brown wax (some times called diamond setters wax) for dopping everything and highly recommend that you learn how to dop with it.

red/brown wax

Note: This material is called wax, but is really a pitch type material and has no typical “candle wax” type properties, other than it can be melted at a much higher temperature than normal wax, and when cooled is very tough. It is called wax for want of a better term in the trade, even though like I said it is not what most people would typically think of as normal wax.

Wax is the best and fastest way to dop almost everything, and once you get a little practice using it you will never use anything else.

Wax is safe, chemical free, inexpensive, versatile and if used properly quite strong.

If you took a survey of most people who cut a lot, pros especially, I think you would find that almost without exception they use wax.

It also keeps me from gluing myself to the stones and then being laughed at when I yell for help, people can be cruel.