Tanzanite (Zoisite) Value

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Faceted - Top Color: vB 6/5

.5 to 1 carat
SI to Clean
to /ct
1 to 3 carats
SI to Clean
to /ct
5 carats plus
SI to Clean
to /ct
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tanzanite - gold Celtic ring

Blending 14k yellow and white gold creates great contrast in this Celtic-inspired design. The yellow gold setting complements the purple-blue tanzanite perfectly. A low-profile bezel setting ensures the tanzanite is well protected and unlikely to snag with daily wear. © CustomMade. Used with permission.

In general, tanzanites showing more blue are valued higher than those showing more violet. Medium dark colors are the ideal. Custom cuts add value. As always, size and clarity have a strong effect on prices. Large clean rough is extremely scare.

Ultra-rare cat’s eye tanzanites are highly prized.

cat's eye tanzanite

Violetish blue cat’s eye tanzanite with a very sharp eye, 0.79 cts, 5 mm, Tanzania. © The Gem Trader. Used with permission.

Among other varieties of zoisites, extremely rare green zoisites are highly sought by collectors. These are sometimes confusingly referred to as “green tanzanite.”

See our tanzanite buying guide for more detailed value information.

unheated green zoisite - Tanzania

Unheated green, oval brilliant-cut zoisite, 0.94 cts, 7.6 x 4.9 mm. Tanzania. © The Gem Trader. Used with permission.