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Cut Cornered Scissor Triangle Cut Spessartite Garnet

Cut Cornered Scissor Triangle Cut Spessartite Garnet by Daniel Stair

Garnet comes from the Latin word, “granatus” which means grain. That is because many garnet deposits are small grains of red crystals in or on their host rock.

Garnet Value

Garnet Value via Gem Price Guide

Last Updated On: April 29, 2014
Top Color: oR, R, PR, rP 6/4

Almandine All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

Fine Color Andradite: G 5/4

Andradite All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Chrome Pyrope All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Color Change .5 to 1 carat 1 to 6 carats
Africa $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
US $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Demantoid to 1 carat 1 to 3 carats
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝,000/ct 
Grossular Garnet .5 to 1 carat 1 to 5 carats 5 carats plus
Mint Green (Merlani) $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Yellow/Orange $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Yellow/Green $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Other colors $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

Fine Color Hessonite: yO 4/5

Hessonite Garnet All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Malaya Garnet .5 to 1 carat 1 to 5 carats 5 carats plus
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Mozambique All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Mali Garnet All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

Fine Color Spessartite: O 4/5

Mandarin Orange All sizes
$⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

Fine Color Pyrope: R 6/5

Pyrope 1 carat plus

Fine Color Rhodolite: rP, PR 6/5

Rhodolite .5 to 1 carat 1 to 10 carats 10 carats plus
Faceted $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Cabochons $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Spessartite Reds
See Mandarin above
.5 to 3 carats 3 to 6 carats
Little 3 Mine $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
African $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Darker reds $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Star Garnet All sizes
6 ray star $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
4 ray star $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

Fine Color Tsavorite: G 6/5

Tsavorite .5 to 1 carat 1 to 2 carats 2 carats plus
Faceted $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct  $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝,000/ct 
Uvarovite 10 carats plus
Druzy $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 
Cabochons All Sizes
Common red to purple $⊝⊝⊝ to $⊝⊝⊝/ct 

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Garnet Information

VarietiesAlmandine, Almandine-Pyrope, Rhodolite, Andradite, Demantoid, Melanite, Topazolite, Andradite-Grossular, Mali Garnet, Color Change Garnet, Gadolinium Gallium Garnet, Grossular, Hessonite, Hibschite, Hydrogrossular, Transvaal Jade, Tsavorite, Malaia Garnet (Malaya Garnet), Proteus, Pyrope, Chrome Pyrope, Pyrope-Spessartine, Umbalite, Spessartite, Uvarovite, Yttrium Aluminium Garnet
Birthstone January
Rough Merelani Mint Green Garnets

Rough Merelani Mint Green Garnets

Physical Properties

The garnets have no cleavage but display a conchoidal fracture and are somewhat brittle and tend to chip easily. The luster is vitreous, inclining to resinous in grossular, andradite, and some almandines. The hardness is 6.5-7.5 in grossular and uvarovite; 6.5-7 in andradite; and 7-7.5 in the pyralspite series.

Garnets are all isometric, and crystals show the common forms in this crystal system, such as the trapezohedron and dodecahedron. Interestingly, the most common isometric forms, the cube and octahedron, are extremely rare in garnet crystals. Garnets may also be massive, granular, and in tumbled pebbles.


Uvarovite: dark green.

Grossular: colorless, white, gray, yellow, yellowish green, green (various shades: pale apple green, medium apple green, emerald green, dark green), brown, pink, reddish, black.

Andradite: yellow-green, green, greenish brown. orangy yellow, brown, grayish black, black. The color is related to the content of Ti and Mn. If there is little of either element, the color is light and may resemble grossular.

Pyrope: purplish red, pinkish red, orangy red, crimson, dark red. Note: Pure pyrope would be colorless; the red colors are derived from Fe + Cr.

Almandine: deep red, brownish red, brownish black, violet red.

Spessartine: red, reddish orange, orange, yellow-brown, reddish brown, blackish brown. Malaya is a pyrope-spessartine from the Umba River Valley of Tanzania; the colors include various shades of orange, red-orange, peach, and pink.

A well-known commercial garnet is intermediate between pyrope and almandine. It is often said that such a garnet is a mixture of “molecules” of these garnets, whereas this really means its structure contains both Fe and Al. The intermediate garnet, known as rhodolite, usually has a distinctive purplish color.

The above variations make it easy to see why it is foolish to try to guess the identity of a garnet on the basis of color alone!

Stone Sizes

Garnet crystals are usually small, microscopic up to about 6 inches in the case of grossular. Garnets in rock, with poor external forms, may be much larger, such as the almandine from Gore Mountain, New York, which reaches a diameter of 60 cm. A few spessartines in Brazil have weighed several pounds and have retained great transparency and fine color, but these are very rare. A typical garnet crystal is about half an inch to an inch in diameter.

Garnets have several species, as well as several varieties. They are listed here, with more detailed information in the corresponding link.

Garnet Species








Garnet Varieties






Color Change Garnet



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