Many gem enthusiasts want to become collectors but don’t know where to begin. Most likely, you already have a few gems lying around. Once you begin organizing and keeping track of what you have, it becomes a collection. Then comes the fun part: adding new pieces!

Read on for tips on how to start a gem collection and the best ways to organize and grow it.

Record Keeping

Knowing what you’ve collected is crucial to maintaining your collection. It seems simple, but many novice collectors put off keeping records. However, the longer you delay this crucial step, the more daunting it becomes as your collection grows.

Keeping track of your collection can help you decide on your next gem purchase as well as identify any pieces you’d like to sell or donate. When the time comes, detailed records will also help your heirs.

At a minimum, keep records of

  • Gemstone species and variety.
  • Physical description, including color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.
  • Any known treatments or enhancements.
  • Any laboratory reports.
  • Lapidary/gem designer.
  • Date of cutting.
  • Date acquired.
  • Bills of sale and other paperwork.
  • Dealer names and contact information.
  • Physical location.

Even if your first gems are factory-cut or…