jade engagement ring guide
Gold ring with Burmese imperial jade and diamond accents. Photo by UNIKYLUCKK/Shutterstock.com.

Why Choose a Jade Engagement Ring?

In recent years, colored gemstones have risen in status in the bridal jewelry industry. Whether from celebrity sightings on the red carpet (like J. Lo sporting a glamorous green diamond) or royal-watching (like Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring), colored stones are slowly gaining ground on traditional diamonds as engagement ring options. This increase in popularity may represent a generational shift or a growing realization that most diamonds actually aren’t rare. Indeed, many beautiful colored gemstones are rarer than diamonds. Jade is one of them.

Jade has been used as a jewelry stone for millennia. This is due to its appealing colors, smooth texture, rarity, durability, and symbolic associations with good health and fortune. These factors still apply to jade today. That’s why we believe it’s an underappreciated option for engagement rings. But that’s changing.

jade engagement ring - gold with diamonds
18k gold inlay ring with natural jadeites and diamond accents. Photo courtesy of liveauctioneers.com and Quan Rong Gallery.

Jadeite or Nephrite?

Jade does have a quirk that makes it unlike any modern gemstone. Unlike diamonds and emeralds, which are individual