Jewelry Styles and Inspiration

Trends and styles of gemstone jewelry with many examples to be inspired by.

Jewelry Styles and Inspiration

  • combining stones - Hashnu stone and gems
    Combining Stones in Jewelry 

    Mention combining stones in jewelry pieces and most people will think of a small diamond or diamonds accenting a colored stone. This is such a popular combination because it usually looks quite nice. However, accent stones don’t have to be…

  • Weaved Bracelets of Trabzon

    Recently, I have been asked about weaved bracelets from Trabzon. I am glad to be reminded, because this type of wirework belongs to Trabzon only, a city at the northeast Black Sea region of Turkey. I got in touch with the Chamber of Jewelers in…

  • Rose Quartz Stone
    Gemstones with Health Benefits

    In ancient Egypt and other cultures from antiquity, people believed gemstones had a wide array of health benefits. In modern times, gemstones are mainly used for ornamental purposes. However, some people still believe you can receive health bonuses…

  • How Are Meteorites Used In Jewelry and Watches?

    An explanation of what meteorites are and where they come from and a discussion of meteorite jewelry and watches If you have even looked for a truly unique piece of jewelry, you may already know that jewelry designers and crafters incorporate a…

  • Canary Yellow Engagement Ring
    Best Colored Gemstones for Engagement Rings

    Break free from the traditional when you choose a colored stone for your engagement ring in lieu of the classic diamond. However, before you choose your gemstone based on aesthetics only, there are a few considerations to weigh, including which…

  • Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring
    10 Most Famous Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

    Though diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the classic choice for an engagement ring, colored stones are a trend that continues to show up on many a celebrity’s ring finger. Opting for a colored stone is a fresh take on the traditional…

  • What is a gemstone color wheel and how does it work?

    What’s a color wheel used for in gemology? Color wheels are very common in almost any type of painting and/or artwork, (just plain old paint for your house too, you have probably seen them at your local hardware store) and are used to help the…

  • Should I buy a diamond online?

    Most of my friends know about my longtime gemology obsession, so several times each year I get a phone call that someone needs help purchasing an engagement ring and the diamond that goes with it.  My friends know that I don’t deal in, invest in,…

  • gem buyers - custom cut tourmalines
    How Can Gem Buyers Protect Themselves from Fraud?

    Two major problems plague the cut gemstone market: undisclosed gem treatments and substitutions of synthetic for natural gems. Gem buyers need to know these practices occur every day. They must learn how to protect themselves from fraud.

  • chrome tourmaline buying - fancy oval
    Chrome Tourmaline Buying Guide

    Rare chrome tourmaline can show an emerald-like green color. With a highly desired color and tourmaline’s excellent jewelry stone qualities, this gem ranks as one of the top commercial stones on the market today.

  • verdelite - pear cut
    Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) Buying Guide

    Looking for a tourmaline jewelry stone? If you like green and you’re on a budget, green tourmaline or verdelite is the gem for you.

  • Indicolite - Brazil
    Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) Buying Guide

    Blue tourmalines or indicolites are a popular jewelry stone. However, some of these gems are often misrepresented.

  • rubellite buying guide - pendant
    Rubellite Tourmaline Buying Guide

    Like all tourmaline gemstones, rubellite wears well in almost any type of jewelry. This stone’s raspberry-like color draws a great deal of attention. Rubellite is one of the most popular gems on the market today.

  • Jewelry Design 

    Pictures by Howard Denghausen Jewelry of his designs. INTRODUCTION I am 47 years old, have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and have been a licensed Architect in California since 1982. My father, who just turned 82, was a journeyman tool…

  • Turkish Purple Jade Jewelry
    What is Turkish Purple Jade and How Can it be Used in Jewelry?

    The commercial part of the lapidary business favors new mine finds and exotic or rare materials. As carvers, we are drawn to these materials for the above reasons and we carve our pieces with the anticipation that the market will also enjoy and…

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