February birthstone - Oval Amethyst Statement Ring in 14k Rose Gold Blue Nile
Find this Ring at Blue NileThis 14K rose gold statement ring features a sizable amethyst.

What Color is Amethyst?

Amethyst colors can range from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. A variety of quartz, amethyst gets its color from the presence of iron, other trace elements, and natural irradiation. (Don’t worry, this occurs underground over millions of years and poses no health hazards).

February birthstone - Hexagonal Step-Cut Amethyst Solitaire Studs Angara
Find these Earrings at AngaraThese bright stud earrings each feature a substantial 2-ct hexagonal-shaped amethyst.

How Do You Judge Amethyst Color?

Generally speaking, people want amethysts for their purple color. Therefore, the value of a particular stone depends almost entirely on how well it shows that color.

The most prized amethyst stones feature a deeply saturated or “intense” purple color, perhaps with hints of violet or red hues. Stones with brown or bronze tinges usually have lower values. Amethyst may have light or dark tones. Most gem buyers favor darker tones.

Look for a February birthstone that has its color distributed evenly throughout the stone, without noticeably paler or darker regions or striped patterns.

Find this Ring at AngaraThe deep purple amethyst used in this 14K white gold and diamond ring has been fashioned into a round brilliant cut

What are Siberian Amethysts?

Deep purple amethysts are valued