What are Mermaid Sapphires?

Teal sapphires combine different degrees of blue, green, yellow, and gray. There are at least six different varieties of teal sapphires, each showing a different combination/percentage of these colors.

The dominant colors are usually a deep aquatic blue and a vivacious forest green. Mermaid sapphires show a rare, precise 50-50 ratio of blue and green color.

Why are They Called “Mermaids?”

When we first came across one of these sapphires, it looked like it could never have come from deep within the Earth. Instead, the gem took us on a deep dive into our imagination, into a velvety blue sea. There, we found a mermaid. She uncovered a stunning gemstone within the folds of an oyster. The gem was as beautiful as she was, and it looked like it had fallen from her shimmering, blueish green scales.

mermaid sapphires

The mythical mermaid seemed the perfect namesake for these gems, which harmoniously combine the beauty of the land and sea in their blue and green colors. Imagine holding the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand!

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