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While moldavite is primarily a collectors gem, “New Age” interest in the so-called metaphysical properties of gemstones has boosted its availability and appeal to consumers. Moldavite’s connection to a prehistoric meteorite impact also adds another level of intrigue.

Moldavites are prized as “raw stones” for jewelry or as display pieces. The value of these rough specimens depends greatly on their shape, size, and visual appeal.

moldavite display specimen

Although this moldavite specimen looks crystalline, it has an amorphous structure, like all glass. Formed from the molten debris of a meteorite impact, it cooled into this shape. The arms radiate from a central point, “like a droplet of water after it hits a solid object.” 3.1 x 2.7 x 2.0 cm, Bohemia, Czech Republic. © Rob Lavinsky, Used with permission.

Lapidaries have also faceted, cabbed, and carved this material as curiosities. Cut quality plays the greatest role in the value of these gems.

Bubble inclusions are common and numerous in moldavites. Faceting a moldavite without one of these inclusions breaking the surface poses a great challenge to gem cutters. If a bubble breaches the surface on the pavilion side, it will have a minimal effect on value, based on its visibility. On the other hand, a bubble breaking on the crown side would be considered a significant blemish and would greatly reduce the gem’s value.

Poorly cut gems look very dull compared to custom-cut ones. Well-cut and polished moldavites are certainly worth the higher prices they can command. However, they’re still quite affordable.

pin with carved and engraved gem

14k yellow gold pin with a faceted and carved moldavite. Photo courtesy of and William Bunch Auctions & Appraisals.