How Much Does a Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

Two-carat diamonds range widely in price. The chart below should help you understand how diamond shape impacts price.

This chart is limited to H color, VS2 diamonds, so two-carat diamonds can be more or less expensive depending on the color and clarity grade. However, the price difference between round diamonds and fancy shapes is always significant. You could save thousands of dollars. If you’re considering a fancy diamond shape, read about their pros and cons.

Keep in mind that lower color and clarity grades can still look beautiful and offer great savings. However, if a two-carat diamond is out of your budget, a 1.5-ct stone will still look large and cost much less. Learn more about what carat diamond to choose.

Cut Quality in a Two-Carat Diamond

For any two-carat diamond, you’ll want to find one with a fantastic cut quality. Although a poorly cut two-carat diamond will still have some sparkle, you’d be better off opting for a smaller, well-cut diamond. The smaller one will perform better and can actually appear larger! So,  if the two-carat mark is important to you, don’t compromise on the cut.…