Miscellaneous Gems: Polishing Survey Results

spinel - miscellaneous gems
“Spinel,” 1.05 cts, round brilliant cut, 6.98 mm, likely from Tanzania. © Dan Stair Custom Gemstones. Used with permission.

Editor’s Note: Some years ago, the International Gem Society (IGS) conducted a survey of members’ polishing techniques. Here, you’ll find the results for some miscellaneous gems. These include popular stones, like beryl, garnet, and topaz, for which we unfortunately didn’t receive too much feedback. In addition, you’ll find more unusual gemstones like andalusite as well as lab-created materials like yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG). Whether you’re just starting to learn the art of gem cutting or just looking for a new way to tackle a problematic gem material, we hope these results provide some useful suggestions.

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Polishing Techniques for Miscellaneous Gems

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