Danburite is a beautiful but underappreciated gemstone. The White Asterism cut can take full advantage of this gem’s qualities. It was voted one of the 12 best designs of 2001 by the Columbia-Willamette Faceter’s Guild.
By Jeff R. Graham 1 minute read

You can find cutting instructions for White Asterism here.

Cutting Remarks

White Asterism cut - danburite, Mexico

An approximately 2.84-ct, 8 mm x 7mm White Asterism cut from clear Mexican danburite by Jeff Graham.

I recently acquired a large parcel of danburite crystals. Although well known in mineral collecting circles, this material isn’t commonly seen faceted. I wanted to create a design that would take advantage of the diamond-like clarity and appearance of danburite. So, here you have the White Asterism cut.

Due to its clarity, danburite doesn’t need an especially bright design. It’s already bright. Notice the depth of this stone. It shows a lot of dispersion and nice patterns, too.

This cut works well in larger size stones, 1 carat plus. It also works well with topaz, tourmaline, and synthetic materials in light colors.

Enjoy cutting your “White Asterism.”

White Asterism - array

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler