Sapphirine Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

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An overview on Sapphirine Jewelry and Gemstones. Covers details and essential information on the physical properties and characteristics of Sapphirine gems.

Sapphirine Value

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Sapphirine Value via Gem Price Guide
Faceted .5 to 1 carat 1 to 5 carats
to /ct to /ct

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Sapphirine Information

Crystallography Monoclinic or triclinc; crystals tabular; usually granular or as disseminated grains.
Colors Pale blue, bluish gray, greenish gray, green; depth of blue color varies with Fe. Also, (rarely) purplish pink.
Luster Vitreous.
Fracture Uneven to subconchoidal.
Hardness 7.5.
Specific Gravity 3.4-3.5.
Birefringence 0.006.
Cleavage Indistinct.
Stone SizesFacetable sapphirine is exceedingly rare, even though the material occurs in transparent grains. GIA noted a very unusual purplish-pink stone of 1.54 cts, oval, with included mica “book” (phlogopite), from Sri Lanka; R.l. =1.701—1.707; β= 1.705; birefringence = 0.006; S.G.: 3.51. The refractive indices of sapphirine are close to idocrase, but the former is biaxial. Other such gems exist but have been misidentified.
Luminescence None reported.
Spectral Not diagnostic.

 Mg3,5Al9Si4,5O20 (+Fe). Complex substitution of Mg/Al/Si with charge balancing.

Two polytypes: Sapphirine-2M = (Mg,Al)8(Al,Si)6O20; monoclinic. Sapphirine-Te=(Mg,Al )8(Al,Si)6O20; triclinic.

Pleochroism Distinct: X = pinkish buff; yellowish; pale smoky brown; colorless: Y=sky blue: sapphire blue: greenish blue; Z=dark sky blue; sapphire blue.

Optics: a =1.714-1.716; β= 1.719-1.721; γ= 1.720-1.723.

Biaxial (—).

Occurrence: In mineral veins or cavities in eruptive igneous rocks.

Milford, Utah; Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan; Lake Superior, Minnesota.

Canada; Scotland; England: Sweden; Czechoslovakia;

Japan; South Africa; Greenland; Madagascar: Italy: Sri Lanka.

Name: In allusion to the (sapphire blue) color.