Cabochon Cutting Tools

Cabbing tools can be as simple and inexpensive or elaborate and pricey as your tastes run.

Genie, Diamond Pacific

The most popular cabochon cutting machine is the Genie by Diamond Pacific. It has six permanently mounted wheels. The first two are 100 and 260 grit diamond on solid wheels. The other four range from 280 to 14,000 grit. They have a foam backing, which conforms to the curvature of the stones. There are two movable “geysers” that supply water to the wheels for lubrication. You can’t polish everything with one method, so this machine comes with a flat disk you can mount on the end. This disk can hold enough varieties of pads and polishing compounds to polish anything you might encounter.

The Genie’s advantages are that you never spend time changing accessories and that the diamond wheels last almost forever. Cost is its primary disadvantage. This machine is a major investment. It’s also large and heavy, which is fine for a permanent setup. However, if you need portability, this isn’t the unit for you.


Lortone offers a unit lower in price than the Genie with a built-in saw, a silicon carbide grinding wheel, an…