Tucson Gem Show 2009Construction/gem show 2009

Left: A picture of the freeway still under construction 2009.

As you probably know if you came to the 2008 Tucson gem show the city had all the downtown roads torn up, especially the freeway where many of the main shows are.

Well this year there was good news and bad news. The freeway area as far as traffic and access was much improved over being torn up last year. Although there are still many areas of the freeway torn up and closed as well as new bridges and freeway being constructed. But in general the traffic flow was much better, however there was a whole lot less traffic this year too.

Things were generally not as badly screwed up on the streets and construction as they have been in the past. But there were some problem areas. I will say that the shuttles were free to ride but in most places down town the promoters were charging to park cars (usually $5.00). The shuttles this year were not as well run or as good as last year, but they worked. Parking was tight because the city is building some new buildings and quite a lot