Perhaps the most fantastic of yellow gems, yellow diamonds are gaining popularity. These gems range from muted brownish hues to vivid yellows with hints of orange or green, and combine beautiful color with the durability and brilliance of diamond. Yellow hues aren’t as uncommon as other diamond colors, but can reach higher levels of saturation than most fancy colored diamonds. The high demand for these gems keeps prices comparable to white diamonds. However, the four Cs of fancy colored yellow diamonds vary greatly from standards for colorless or white diamonds. Before you consider buying a yellow diamond, learn about their distinct value factors.

Fancy Colored Yellow Diamond Buying and the Four Cs

The IGS colored diamond value listing has price guidelines for natural and irradiated fancy colored yellow diamonds.


While cut is the most important value factor for colorless diamonds, color is the most important aspect for evaluating fancy colored diamonds. Hue, tone, and saturation are the three constituent components of color.

Secondary green or orange hues may be present in yellow diamonds, and either will raise its price. Of these, orange hues are preferable. Unfortunately, green hues occur more commonly. They can impart a murky appearance…