Keshi and pink pearls




The Fish


Abalone shell with blister pearls




The north and west coasts produce silvery white to yellow pearls. They also use the shells in industry.

Gulf of Manaar, between Sri Lanka and India.

This area traditionally produces pale, creamy white pearls.


Now our primary source for cultured pearls. They are usually white.

Mexico and Panama

These areas have were major sources until the 20th century. Today they produce Tahitian type, cultured pearls.

Persian Gulf

This area has been harvested for over 2000 years. The most productive areas are along the coasts of Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Pearls from this area are creamy white. They are usually less than 12 grains.

Red Sea

This area is not producing today. Their pearls were famous for being whiter than most.


South Seas

The term refers to the south Pacific and Indian oceans, but they are generically …

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