Lesson 4: 10X Loupe for Gemologists and Jewelers

Step 1: Introduction to Gemology

Lesson 11

The simple 10X loupe fits in your pocket and costs less than any other piece of gemological equipment. You’ll learn more with it than any other instrument, and it’s easier to use than most other tools. You can see why many call the hand loupe the gemologist’s best friend.

The 10X Loupe Standard For Evaluating Gems

Loupes come in several varieties. Watchmakers prefer the kind held by the eye socket. Other professionals prefer loupes worn like eyeglasses or clipped onto glasses. Some types sport fancy features like illumination and built-in tweezers. Gemologists prefer the hand loupe.

For gemologists, the 10X loupe (with ten-power magnification) is the standard for hand-held gem identification. Although you’ll find more powerful loupes, the depth of field (the area that’s in focus) is so small above 10X that they’re hard to use. Instead, use a microscope

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